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PM² Project Management Methodology
News article17 June 2022Directorate-General for Digital Services1 min read

PM² on the agenda of the ‘Europe, Projects and Future’ Webinar

PM² representatives were invited to speak at the IE webinar on how projects will shape the future of Europe.

PM² on the agenda of the ‘Europe, Projects and Future’ Webinar

On 24 May 2022, members of the Centre of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²) Marc Berghmans (PM² Ambassador) and Elias Michelioudakis (Senior Consultant) were invited to speak at the international ‘Europe, Projects and Future’ webinar. Organised by the prestigious IE Business School, the aim of the webinar was to provide participants with an insight into managing projects from the European Institutions’ perspective.

The Centre of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²) provides the European Commission and EU Institutions (EUIs) with a high-quality Project Management framework, support and consulting services which enable the effective and efficient management of project work, serving the objectives of the institutions and respecting the interests and needs of EU citizens.

Speakers discussed the challenges faced when managing projects at EU-level, including:

  • The efficient management of significant investments in internal projects
  • The ongoing supervision of external providers running outsourced projects
  • The effective collaboration between different European Institutions
  • Working with Member States ensuring grants deliver maximum value for Europe

The European Commission’s official Project Management methodology (PM²) was presented as the one to use to address these challenges since it is:

  • Open: Available to the public
  • Inclusive: Incorporates globally accepted best-practices
  • Lean: Ensuring easy adoption
  • Complete: Guide and related material available
  • Scalable: Used in projects that differ in size, complexity, and type
  • Mature: Has successfully been used for over 15 years
  • Common: Common vocabulary which facilitates cross-institutional projects
  • Adaptive: Allows for tailoring to fit specific needs

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Publication date
17 June 2022
Directorate-General for Digital Services