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PM² Methodologies
News article18 January 2021Directorate-General for Digital Services2 min read

New Spanish translation now available

The Centre of Excellence of PM² (CoEPM²) is pleased to announce, with the support of ISA², the availability of PM² Guide & Artefacts in Spanish.


The complete Guide is available to download side by side with the English original (version 3.0) on the EU Bookshop of the Publications Office. The Artefacts (Templates used by the Project Managers to manage effectively their Project work) are available for download from this website.

As per the communication to the CoEPM² from the Spanish translation team (volunteers, members of the Open PM² Community):

The translation of the PM² Methodology Guide  has been prepared by a group of volunteers of the PM² community in Spain with wide knowledge and experience in Project management in different professional areas.

Every possible effort has been made to respect the original extension and pagination, but it has not been possible due to the more compact character of English as compared to Spanish. It is for this reason that the Spanish Guide is slightly longer than the original and the pagination is consequently also different.

The translation work has been rigorously loyal to the original document, in content and in shape, to provide the overall PM² Methodology to the Spanish-speaking audience. It has been chosen to use the most widely used terms in Project Management practice in Spain, trusting that Latin American readers will find the necessary term equivalences to use PM² in their projects.

As a consequence of the intensive revision of PM² terms that has been undertaken and also in search of coherence with other languages, in some cases it has been necessary to use different terms to those used in the PM² Overview v1.0. Similarly, all acronyms used in this Guide correspond to the Spanish terms (i.e. Director de Proyecto – DP)

For that reason the Guide incorporates an additional Appendix at the end with a table including the bi-directional correspondence of the glossary terms in English-Spanish and Spanish-English to facilitate readers and users the identification of the original terms and their translation.

The translations, as usual, have been vetted by Spanish speaking colleagues prior to their release.

Last year, three brand new translations (Italian, Hungarian & German) of the PM² Overview (a shortened version of the complete PM² Methodology Guide) have also been released bringing the total to twelve languages, making PM² even more accessible & easy to adopt for the EU member states – both for public administrations as well as the private sector.

The CoEPM² is convinced  that all this effort will result to a more projectized, more effective and efficient Europe.

The Open PM² initiative is supported by ISA² - Interoperability Solutions for public administrations, businesses & citizens.


Publication date
18 January 2021
Directorate-General for Digital Services