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PM² Methodologies
News article24 October 2022Directorate-General for Digital Services1 min read

New PM² Artefacts – en français !

PM² French Artefacts

We are happy to announce the addition of a new translation to the PM² artefacts. This is thanks to the French Ministry of Defence, who also provided the translation of the PM²  and the PM²-Agile guides.

The PM² artefacts refer to the templates that support the complete PM² lifecycle, and this pack includes 33 artefacts, distributed in the four project phases, as well as four project logs and six checklists which are used for Monitor & Control processes. The ones available in French are currently:

Initiating Phase:

  • Project Initiation Request
  • Business Case
  • Project Charter

Planning Phase:

  • Project Handbook
  • Project Stakeholder Matrix
  • Project Work Plan
  • Outsourcing Plan
  • Deliverables Acceptance Plan.
  • Transition Plan
  • Business Implementation Plan
  • Requirements Management
  • Project Change Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Issue Management Plan
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Communications Management Plan

Executing Phase

  • Project Status Report
  • Change Request Form
  • Meeting Agenda & Minutes of Meeting


  • Project-end Report

Monitor & Control

  • Risk Log

The remaining artefacts will soon be translated, vetted, and released too.

Download your zip file from the new PM² website.

PM² Artefacts (


Publication date
24 October 2022
Directorate-General for Digital Services